Achieving Social and Emotional Learning with Buncee

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a critical component of educating learners today. SEL is defined by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) as “the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.”

SEL can increase a student's long-term wellbeing, and studies have shown that SEL programming can improve a student’s academic performance, behavioral growth, long-term economic success, and life outcomes. Using the Buncee creation platform (, educators have many ways to implement SEL initiatives and lessons easily and creatively, bringing the benefits of SEL to K-12 learners.

Buncee is a multimedia creation tool for educators, students, and administrators. With Buncee, educators can create engaging, multimedia SEL resources and activities from scratch or from a library of SEL templates. Students can complete these activities and express themselves with a variety of media options: emojis designed with SEL in mind, stickers and animations, video, audio, drawing, and more. Buncee's media tools offer students the choice of how they would like to communicate, empowering student ownership over their work.

Buncee’s integration with Microsoft products help make SEL lessons more accessible to learners and more easily available to the community. Immersive Reader can make these SEL resources accessible to language learners, as well as students with reading disabilities, visual impairments, and dyslexia. Integration with Microsoft Teams, Word, and OneNote make the sharing of SEL resources created on Buncee all the easier to access.

Check out the resources and examples below to learn how educators in our community have been using Buncee to support SEL.

Free Social and Emotional Learning Course

Buncee and Microsoft tools offer a wide variety of ways to incorporate creative expression and SEL skills in your school, classroom, or library. Take the course to learn how!

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Read Supporting SEL and Digital Leadership

Buncee is powerful tool, but the true power in utilizing technology with students is how you use a tool, rather than the tool itself. In this post, Jennifer Casa-Todd and Mandy Froehlich share ideas on how to use Buncee for SEL, and how CASEL’s competencies can be applied to Buncee ideas.

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Webinar (On-demand) on SEL and Buncee

This session dives into the ways creative expression can help build SEL competencies in students, uncover new opportunities, and deliver instruction that is student centered.

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Social and Emotional Learning Activities on Buncee
Ready to incorporate Buncee into your social and emotional learning curriculum? Check out the Buncee Board below, which features examples of Buncee-made SEL activities that you can share with your learners. Click on any of the images to expand and preview each activity.

"Using Buncee, students can find what they need to be creative, communicate ideas, and think critically about the work they are doing, while having fun during the creation process. It promotes student engagement because they can truly create something that is authentic and meaningful to them and it enables educators to learn more about the students in the process."

Rachelle Dene Poth
STEM & Spanish High School Educator, Riverview SD, USA

What is Buncee?

Buncee on is an award-winning content creation and communication tool that enables students, teachers, and administrators to easily author, publish, and share visually engaging and interactive content. Featuring an easy-to-use drag and drop interface, thousands of unique graphics and animations, and countless creation tools, Buncee makes it easy to create fun and engaging multimedia based content, such as lessons, projects, activities, portfolios, newsletters, presentations, and more! With unlimited possibilities for bringing learning to life, Buncee is a powerful solution for all users across the schoolhouse.

Within the application, educators also have access to classroom-ready templates, as well as Buncee's Ideas Lab - which features a variety of tips, tutorials, and template activities, making it easy for classrooms to innovate learning at school - anytime, anywhere, and for nearly anything. With 1000+ templates, and 800+ ideas to choose from, educators can quickly create lessons and class materials, so they can spend more time teaching.

Buncee is a simple yet powerful tool for your school. With Buncee, educators and administrators know they have all the resources on hand to personalize instruction and achieve their learning goals with ease.

"Buncee was implemented initially as a user-friendly tool, accessible on iPads for younger students and Chromebooks for our older grades, that would allow students to creatively demonstrate their learning. While this is still a major reason for our continued success with Buncee, as we witnessed students using the platform, we saw how it facilitated student choice by providing access to many tools in one platform."

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