What is Buncee?

Buncee is an easy-to-use content creation tool that empowers students, teachers and administrators as content creators.

Buncee’s wide variety of media options, such as text, video, audio, images, and more, allows educators to create content to reach learners with diverse learning and needs, while students can feel empowered to demonstrate their learning in their own way. With Buncee, educators can foster an educational environment in which students of all abilities and backgrounds can flourish, academically, socially, and emotionally.

Create an Inclusive Classroom

Buncee offers a diverse range of accessibility features that make creating and engaging with content easy and accessible to users of all abilities, including:

  • Open Dyslexic font, which is easier for students with dyslexia

  • Stickers and animations that represent a diverse range of backgrounds and abilities

  • Text to Speech options available with the push of a button

  • Alt Text functionality that allows screen readers to describe images

  • Simple Login (or Picture Password) which makes login easier and more accessible

Buncee also integrates with Microsoft in Education to take accessibility and inclusivity to the next level! Check out our integrations.




Immersive Reader


Get Started with Classroom Ready Activities

Buncee offers a wide variety of completely customizable templates that you can use to support SEL in your classroom. From emotional check ins, to motivational and goal setting activities, to cards and messages to spread positivity, there's an endless possibility of choices! And with Buncee's media options, students can respond and illustrate their feelings and goals in a way they can feel confident about.

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